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My newest project

I spent 19 years of my life going to school, having my brain jam packed full of information,  some useful, some not.  Then I finished my master’s degree, started working, and the learning seemed to slow waaayyyy down.  Now that I’m a mother of three small children, I often feel like my brain is complete mush, sometimes wondering if I’m even able to do simple math or even construct grammatically correct sentences.  Children have a way of having downright odd conversations, and frankly, a goodly amount of time is spent discussing bodily functions.  Not exactly what I’d call scintillating.

As I worked in my sewing room yesterday, trying to finally teach myself how to do tailor’s tacks, I realized that I really enjoyed learning how to do something new . . .. it gave me a good feeling.  Good feelings are, well, good.  Right then and there I decided that my New Year’s resolution would be to learn something new every day for an entire year.  I’m still on the fence as to whether it should be active or passive.  As in, should I seek out and plan a learning experience each day, or just go through my day and see if I bump into some new information.  Maybe I’ll mix it up and do a bit of both.  Either way, I’ll be blogging about it here.

So come along and join me in my journey.


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