Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 1 – January 1

I spent much of the day working yesterday, so I wasn’t really actively looking for new knowledge.  I did, however, manage to learn a little something.  Now, it wasn’t anything earth-shaking nor was it life-changing.  But, baby steps here=)

Yesterday’s lesson was learning how to make up a business card with Vistaprint.  I was listening to music on pandora.com, and heard an ad for free business cards from Vistaprint.  Being a budding entrepreneur, my ears perked up and I thought, “Hey, I might need some business cards!”  So off I went to the website, I designed a card that I like pretty well, and then reality struck.  Free isn’t always free.  In this case, only certain templates are free.  I, of course, chose one that wasn’t.  My template was $20, not exactly free.  So I just left the card on the screen and went about the rest of my day.  I came back at around 9ish and decided to just scrap the whole idea.  Lo and behold, the $20 price was crossed out and it was somewhere around $5.  I have no idea why, but  I wasn’t gonna let grass grow under my feet.  The order was placed and paid for and in about 3 weeks, I should have my new business cards!  Yeah!

See you tomorrow!


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One thought on “Day 1 – January 1

  1. Gr8! any money you save is good.

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