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Day 3 – January 3

Today’s lesson was quite fun, it involved fire.  I’m not really a pyro.  Although after the events of tonight, you might beg to differ.  (I forgot about a pot of berry syrup until the 3yo said “it stinks” and DH headed to the kitchen to discover, boiled over syrup and  . . .small flames!  Ooops!  Maybe it runs in the family, though.  Apparently, my FIL was melting lead on the stove as a child, left the pot, and came bac to not only melted lead, but a melted pot.  Said meltage subsequently drained into the stove vent pipe and ended up in a puddle in the oven! )

But, I digress.  So I was working on making some wool pants today.  I had some fabric that I was quite sure was wool, but  Iwanted to be sure.  What to do?  What to do?  A burn test, of course.  I grabbed one of my sewing reference books, matches, a roasting pan and the fabric, then called the kids to the dining room for a little science lesson.

Apparently, you can determine if something is a natural fiber by the way it burns.  Specifically, wool will smell like burned hair (duh!), it’s fibers will curl away from the flame, it’s self-extinguishing (flame goes out when the flame source is removed) and will leave a pile of crushable ash.  Three of the four fibers were very definitely wool.  The last one, which I was pretty sure was wool, or at least I thought I remembered the tag saying 100% wool, burned differently.  It produced black smoke, bubbled when it burned and stunk!  So I’m gonna say that one is NOT wool.

A fun little project, but it left a major stink in the house for a few hours.

Holding the fabric with tweezers

Using a candle stick so as to not spill wax

The resulting ash


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One thought on “Day 3 – January 3

  1. Runs in the family? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Thank goodness no one got hurt.

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