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Day 6 – January 6

I have skinny children.  As such, their pants are either always falling off or the adjustable waistband are cinched so tight that the button dig into their sides.  It’s much easier to make pants for them, pants that actually fit.  I’ve always done elastic waistbands because they are easy for me and easy to the babes to get on and off.  As they get older, I’m looking for more stylish ways to do the waistband.  Enter . . . . the flat front waistband with elastic in the back.  I’ve done these before, but with limited success.  So my goal for today was to learn how to do it better.  And learn I did.

Method 1:

  1.  Sew the waistband pieces together so that you have a loop.
  2. Place the waistband and the top of the pant right sides together and sew.
  3.  Get your piece of elastic and sew it to the pant in the seam allowance.  It looks weird at this point because the elastic is sticking up above the pants and it’s only attached in the seam allowance.
  4.  Then you fold the waistband over to the wrong side and either hand stitch it closed or stitch in the ditch from the right side of the fabric.

Method 2:

  1.  Press one side of the waistband a 1/4 inch to the wrong side.
  2.  Sew the waistband pieces together so you have a loop.  (You can actually reverse these steps if you want.)
  3. Place the waistband and the pant right sides together and sew.
  4.  Flip the band to the inside.  You can either sew by hand or stitch in the ditch.  Make sure you leave two gaps on either side of the back portion so that you can insert the elastic.
  5. Using  a threader, bodkin or safety pin, insert your elastic.
  6. Using matching thread, secure the elastic by sewing in the seam that connects the front waistband to the back waistband.  (Hmmm . . . .this probably would make more sense with pics.  Alas, I didn’t take any since I was practicing and only had the waistband, no pants.)
  7. Close up the two gaps, again either by hand stitching or stitching in the ditch

I think I like method 2 better, but I’ll have to fiddle around a bit to see what works best with different fabrics.


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One thought on “Day 6 – January 6

  1. good luck!

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