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Day 10 – January 10

Carseat safety. It seems to me that this should be an important topic. Important enough to have correct information readily available. It seems that not everyone agrees, especially the carseat manufacturers. Have you ever read the manuals? Less-than-helpful, if you ask me. How is it that I didn’t know about positional asphyxia until I had baby #3. And I didn’t know that bulky coats are a bad thing in carseats until the older two were 3 and 4? That just seems wrong to me.

So this post really isn’t intended to be a rant. My rant was just an intro to what I learned today. I had some people over for a playdate, and one of the moms had her child in a carseat with VERY loose straps. I should have said something, but I had just met her and thought it would be awkward. I know, not a very good excuse! Anyway, so that got me to thinking about carseats, so I went searching on the internet. A really great resource for info and videos is She has information on how to correctly install all different kinds of carseats, how to properly secure your child, and even suggestions on how to keep them happy while in their carseats. While I was browsing around, I discovered a new and improved way to tighten the carseat straps in a 5-point harness seat. Here’s the video link, as she does a much better job of explaining it than I’m about to do.

How to Buckle a Child into a Car Seat with a 5-Point Harness from The Car Seat Lady on Vimeo.

Most carseats have a strap down by the feet that you pull to tighten things up. I learned, however, that just pulling on that strap doesn’t give you the most snug fit as it just tightens the shoulder straps but not necessarily the straps that go over the hips. Instead, you should pull up on the shoulder straps until the hip straps are good and snug. Then readjust the chest clip, and then pull on the strap at the feet. You’ll know you’ve tightened sufficiently if you can only fit one finger underneath the shoulder strap.

I’m still amazed that after having used carseats almost daily for the past 4.5 years, I’m still learning that I haven’t been doing everything right. Maddening and frustrating all at once! If you have children in carseats, please take a look at the carseat lady’s website, and share the information with all of your carseat using friends.


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One thought on “Day 10 – January 10

  1. Sweetie,

    This is a very good information, I will share with my friends. Thank you.

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