Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 13 – January 13

In stark contrast to day 12, day 13 was filled with new and fun things.   A veritable cornucopia, if you will.  Several days ago, I ordered the accessory pack  for our KitchenAid stand mixer, which included the food grinder, vegetable strainer and roto slicer/shredder.  Said pack arrived yesterday and the babes and I had fun learning how to us all of the pieces.

First up, the vegetable strainer.  I found a recipe for black bean cupcakes.  The black beans needed to be blended along with the other ingredients, but our blender is terrible.  So, I ran the black beans through the strainer . .. worked like a  charm.  (As a side note, the cupcakes were mediocre.)

Next up, the slicer/shredder.  Stir fry was on the menu, and it was the perfect opportunity to slice away.  Not all veggies work well in the slicer.  Bell peppers and celery, for example, not so good.  I mostly got liquid and some mushed up veggies.  Carrots and cabbage, on the other hand, were sliced beautifully.  I will say that although the slicer and shredder works well, it’s not as speedy as a food processor, nor is it as versatile.  But, I know the shredder will come in handy for shredding cheese.  No more pre-shredded cheese for us!

Finally, we tried out the food grinder.  Ostensibly, this attachment is for grinding meat.  We don’t eat meat, so we’ll be using it to make salsas, hummus and to grind up nuts.  The aforementioned celery and bell pepper were nicely minced with the food grinder.  Not exactly what I wanted for stir fry, but at least now I know how the attachment works.

All in all, a good day for learning and I’m looking forward to playing some more with the attachments!



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