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Day 14 – January 14

Rainbow velvet pancakes.  I’ve been wanting to try this for quite some time, and this morning seemed like a good time.  I’d made red velvet pancakes before, and they were quite good.  For some reason, I used a different recipe this morning . . . .bad idea.  The pancakes were quite bad plain, and only decent with the cream cheese glaze.   They were blah and left a weird gritty, grippy feeling on your teeth.  So today’s lesson:  when you find a recipe that works, stick with it!

In any case, we had fun mixing up four batches of batter and coloring them with red, green, yellow and blue food coloring.  We also had fun making a set of giant pancakes.  They were huge, as big as the frying pan.  I’m not exactly the best pancake flipper, but surprisingly, they flipped without much drama.  They also made a good-looking stack of pancakes.  Too bad they were lacking in flavor!



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One thought on “Day 14 – January 14

  1. Well at least you guys had fun making them!

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