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Day 15 – January 15

It was 6pm, and I thought to myself, “I’m going to have to go in search of a learning experience . . . I haven’t learned anything new today!”  I’d been busy working all day, doing things that were already known to me.

I’d been working most of the day on pants for my etsy shop.  Dinner was almost ready, and I was furiously working on finishing up the final pair of pants.  My trusty Necchi was chugging away through some pretty thick seams.  I heard a funny sound, but figured it was just the thick seam talking.

And then, it happened.

I learned that yes, a Necchi Supernova CAN sew right through a pin head and firmly attach it to a garment!  I knew that the Supernova was a good, strong machine.  I didn’t expect it to sew through 5 layers of wool and the head of a pin without missing a beat!

Okay, so not exactly the most useful information since one generally doesn’t need to sew pins to fabric.   It was, however, fascinating to look at the pin with it’s neat little puncture marks.  I thought about taking a picture to share, but promptly threw that idea out the window when I remembered that my camera is junkola.

Oh, I should clarify that I wasn’t using the pins with the round head, it was a flat head pin.  As I was searching for a pic of the flower pins, I learned the more important lesson. Get rid of the bad pins (bent, dull, rusty, etc.). I always kept the bent pins as I was too cheap to replace them. It never occurred to me that one tiny little pin that cost me a few pennies could easily ruin $20 worth of fabric. So, I’ve chucked all of the severely bent pins. Hopefully, my sewing studio will be better for it.


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2 thoughts on “Day 15 – January 15

  1. Wish the best on your business.

  2. Too funny! I don’t think my machine could handle that.

    Hey, if you’re looking for a “non-junkola” camera, I’m selling my old Nikon D-40 for $300. It’s in perfect condition, with the original lens, and I’m including a 2G memory card, all the other original accessories (usb cable, etc) as well as a nice camera bag and some great supplementary reading material for that specific camera. It is the camera I started on, but since I got my new one, I’ve been convicted that I don’t need this one lying around – even if I do love it to pieces! Anyway, just thought I’d throw that out to you in case you’re interested :o)

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