Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 19 – January 19

Today I learned that being a photographer that exclusively uses natural light is like being a singer . . . both are captive to things over which they have no control. In the case of photography, you never know when a cloud is going to come and obscure the sun, or when it’s going to be rainy or windy or any other condition that could change your photography plans. In the case of singing, it’s the only instrument that can be totally derailed by a simple cold. Sure, a pianist will feel miserable, and maybe have less stamina with a cold. But technically, they are still physically capable to playing the piano. A vocalist, on the other hand, may completely lose their voice, or their cords might be so thickened that they fail to approximate properly, thus making it nigh unto impossible to get a good, focused sound.

This was a surprising discovery for me as I never imagined that singing and photography had much in common, aside from being professions that require creativity. How did I stumble upon this, you ask? I’ve been working on getting photos put together so that I can list my wares in my etsy shop. The pants I’ve made are well-tailored, and as such, it makes sense to have good, quality photographs. I knew enough about photography to know that natural light produces better images, to not take photos directly into the light source, and to use a tripod. After snapping 40+ pictures and coming up with nothing, I realized that I still lacked alot of knowledge. These are the first round of photos.

See the shadows, and the lack of detail, especially on the blue pants? Not good at all! (Click on the pics to see them better.)

So I spent about an hour or so looking through Pinterest to find photography lighting tips. I came away with all sorts of ideas, and chose to implement just a few.
First, I took the pics in front of our giant east-facing picture window, but instead of shooting into the window or away from the window, I shot the photos parallel to the window. I also found a way to drape fabric behind the pants and I used a reflecting board, AKA, metallic car sun shade.

The results?

I wouldn’t say that they are stellar, but certainly much better than before. And really, not bad for my junkola point and shoot camera! Next, I plan on fiddling with the compression settings to get higher quality photos, and then hope for a day that isn’t quite as dark and overcast.


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