Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 20 – January 20

Parenting lessons. That’s what my lessons for today were . . . . lessons on parenting. I doubt that these particular lessons will be of use to anyone other than my spouse, but in the interest of consistency, I’m sharing them here.

Lesson one – Having an obedient toddler is not always a good thing. I’ll explain. DH wanted to take a baby carrier to our friends in Tchad, so we chose a mei tai (MT) and he put it with his bags. We got to the airport and he says, “I don’t think I have the carrier.” Bummer! I mean, it’s not like we could take it to them another time, this is Tchad we are talking about. So I offered to go home and bring it back, figuring it was sitting on the living room floor. Nope, it wasn’t there. I searched in the back of the truck . . . nothing. Then, it occurred to me that someone must have seen it on the floor and put it away. Sure enough, the MT was in it’s little cubby. After polling the preschoolers and discovering that they in fact had NOT moved the carrier, I decided that it must have been the toddler. What a sweet little guy, so helpful, cleaning things up. Except that in this case, not so much.

Lesson two – The babes don’t need to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. We always serve breakfast to the babes after worship, somewhere around 7:30ish. There is tons of complaining, “I’m HUNGRY!!” beforehand, but then they end up not eating very much. … highly annoying. So on this particular day, we took DH to the aiport, rushed home to get the carrier, went back to the airport, and then ended up at Bob Evans and got our food around 9ish. All they had had before leaving the house was a glass of milk. I didn’t hear a single complaint, and all three of them ate well. The oldest had all FIVE of the kiddie pancakes! I was in shock! The toddler actually ate about half of his french toast, plus some applesauce. This boy never eats, so again, I was in shock! So, let’s just say that from now on, they aren’t getting breakfast till around 9am!

Out of the two lessons, the second was definitely the more useful of the two. Hopefully this will mean happier mornings at our household.


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