Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 28 – January 28

Have you ever made frosting with flour? Sounds totally wrong, right? I found a recipe that calls for flour, I was intrigued, so I tried it. I needed something to put the frosting on, so I tried a new cake recipe and did this zebra technique with it.

I’m pretty sure that I let the milk/flour mixture get too thick. It looked okay when the heat was on, once it was cooled, it was a very thick congealed mass, not really what it’s supposed to look like. When I mixed it in with the butter/sugar combo, it was so thick and clumpy. I just kept adding a little bit of milk until the consistency was more frosting-like. I had to run the mixer for like 15 minutes in order to get rid of the grainy-ness from the sugar. The frosting was really pretty good, almost tasted like a cream cheese frosting. I’d like to experiment with different flavors to see how they turn out.

The cake was very plain, just your basic, white cake, nothing fancy. The zebra technique worked pretty well. I didn’t have any cocoa powder, so I just used food coloring for half of the batter. The whole ensemble (cake and frosting) was sort of a hassle to make, and the end result was over-the-moon amazing. It really just tasted like your basic white cake with good frosting. I’ll make the frosting again, but probably won’t use that particular white cake recipe again.


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