Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 29 – January 29

Photography was the name of today’s game. I spent the better part of the day fiddling around with lighting to get the best possible picture. I also was able to use a better camera today and I was amazed at the absolute difference! My mom’s camera is still a point and shoot, but it’s much nicer than mine (apparently) as it takes much better pictures, they are brighter.

I took a bunch of pictures with natural light and of course ended up racing against the sun. I did manage to get pretty decent shots of everything before the sun disappeared completely. Once the sun was down, I decided to try to get some good shots using indoor lights. This proved to be a MUCH trickier proposition.

My equipment list:
1 clamp light with 1 CFL flood light, soft, 120w equivalent
1 halogen work light with 1 250w halogen bulb
1 lamp that I took apart and added a reflector with 1 CFL, daylight, 100w equivalent
several sheets to function as diffusers

I started out with my usual background setup, and placed the clamp and halogen lights behind it. I was hoping for something like this . . .. clearly I did something wrong. I tried many other configurations, and was surprised at how vastly different the results were.

1. Here I was playing around with diffusing the pop-up flash. I had the two lights behind the backdrop, and a rectangular piece of cardstock in front of the pop-up flash. You can see the shape of the diffuser in the pic.
2. Two lights behind the backdrop, no flash
3. One backlight, the clamp light, no flash
4. The clamp light behind the backdrop, the halogen light to the left, about 3 feet away. Notice the giant shadow behind the chair.
5. No back light, halogen light to the left with a sheet in front to act as a diffuser. The shadow is still there, but much less harsh.

Once I’d fiddled around photographing the chair (I think I must’ve taken around 50 shots), I moved on to the pants. I learned from my chair photographing experience, and tried some other things with the pants.

1. Halogen light to the left, clamp light to the right, both diffused with white cloths.
2. Same as number one, plus the extra lamp with the daylight bulb to the left of the camera directed towards the pants. Notice how much more blue the color is. And also how the pants seem to be a different shade of blue.
3. Same as number two, with the extra lamp moved to directly behind and the camera. The whole picture is cooler with just a bit of the warmer color behind the mannekin.

And a quick shot of my setup.

Again, none of these pictures are stellar, but I consider a beginner, so I’m gonna go ahead and cut myself a giant amount of slack=)


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