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Day 31 – January 31

I was going to do a totally different post for today’s learning, something about treating others the way you want to be treated, not jumping to conclusions, and being wary of throwing people under the bus before knowing all of the facts. But then I had a little incident tonight, and decided to blog about that, as it’s much more lighthearted.

Super glue. It’s good stuff. Dries quickly with a solid bond. You only need a bit and the job is done. This, of course, has it’s drawbacks. . . . . if you aren’t careful, you can end up glueing the wrong things together. I read about a man who was gluing something over his head. A drop landed on his eye and his eye was glued shut. Not really ideal.

We have two refrigerators. One belongs to us and the other came in the rental house. Our is bigger and we like it better, but we didn’t want to have to find a storage place for the junkola rental fridge, so we use them both. The only downfall is that when we open one door, it swings out and bangs into the rental fridge. Mrs. Landlady can get a little crazy about stuff, so I thought it best to NOT break her fridge. To that end, I had installed these adhesive bumpers. It worked like a charm, until the toddler figured out how to pull it right off.

So tonight I figured I would attach the bumper once and for all. I grabbed the super glue and discovered that a bit had dried in the tip. I gave it a good squeeze and a giant glop landed on the back of the bumper. Perfect. I grabbed the bumper and quickly went to the fridge to adhere it. I wanted it to stick, so I applied a healthy amount of pressure with my thumb. In the meantime, I noticed that my index and middle finger were getting stuck, so I quickly separated them.

At the end of 30 seconds, I went to move away from the fridge and noticed . . . SHOOT! My thumb was completely glued to the bumper, which was glued to the fridge. Unbeknownst to me, some of the glue must have run down to the back, thus gluing my thumb.

This was quite the predicament. It’s super glue, so you can’t just rip your finger off. (Well, you could, but then I’d have to go to the ER.) And I was REALLY tired, so I wanted to go to bed. Sadly, this little predicament ensured that I wouldn’t get to bed quickly. Fortunately, my computer workstation is right next to the fridge, so I was able to google “getting super-glued fingers unstuck.”

Acetone is the best way to break the glue bonds. Of course, this wouldn’t have worked for the aforementioned glued eye, nor would it work for my situation. The other way to break the bonds is to soak the glued part in warm, soapy water. Since my finger was glued to the fridge, I couldn’t very well soak, so we tried wrapping it in a washcloth. . . . . . Nothing, still stuck. I don’t own acetone, but my mom had happened to bring some acetone with her, so we tried rubbing the edges with a cotton swab soaked in acetone. Still nothing. I was envisioning myself being stuck for a long time and having to sleep standing up. Not fun. Drastic situations call for drastic measures. My mom got the utility knife and I started slicing the bumper off of the fridge. A few well-placed cuts and I was able to get my finger free. Now, to get the bumper off.

Soaking my finger in warm, soapy water did the trick. I soaked it for a bit, and then used my nail to gently pry the bumper off. I was quite amused to note that you could see my fingerprint on the bumper! lol

Hopefully you won’t ever need to remove super glue from your body. But if you do, now you know how to get unstuck!


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One thought on “Day 31 – January 31

  1. I’m glad this story had a happy ending! 😉

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