Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 32 – February 1

I’ve been wanting to figure out how to add faux flys to the kids pants, so I decided to tackle that today. I actually started a few days ago, but it finally stuck in my brain. I’m very visual, but apparently I also need to do in order to learn. Even after looking at a handful of online tutorials and looking in a few books, I didn’t get it. But after looking at these two tutorials again and again, it finally clicked. I think the first tute is incorrect in saying to press the extension to the right, it would need to be pressed to the left in order to then be able to topstitch on the right.

Anyway, I won’t bother trying to explain how to do it here, it’s really best explained with picutres. Once you figure out how to do it, it’s pretty easy and adds a more “grown up” looks to children’s pants. Try it!


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