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Day 44 – February 13

I was in a baking mood today, so I decided to try out a new bread recipe. This is for cinnamon bun bread. The recipe claimed that it was quick, easy, and tasty, all without having to wait for the bread to rise like you would with traditional cinnamon rolls. I was intrigued by the instant gratification, so I gave it a try.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed with the results. The topping was yummy, butter, sugar, cinnamon, can’t go wrong there. The actual bread was a whole other story. Now, I “might” have killed the yeast with water that was too hot. That could have contributed to the doughy-ness of the bread. But really, the flavor wasn’t all that great. The babes and hubby seemed to think it was quite good and edible. So, not a total flop, I guess. But in the future, I’ll be sticking to regular cinnamon rolls. As I’ve now learned, they are definitely worth the wait!


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One thought on “Day 44 – February 13

  1. Hi, I am so sorry the cinnamon bun bread didn’t turn out for you. Yes, yeast is temp. sensitive and won’t tolerate high heat. I have had good results with this bread and so did many of my readers. Give it a another try!
    Greetings form Colorado.

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