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Day 46 – February 15

It’s pretty clear to me now, I should never buy breakable souvenirs, and people shouldn’t gift them to me, either. It would seem that I am unable to keep them in one piece. Let’s take my high school trip to Europe as an example. I had just bought a fun little mug at the Christmas Market, and the people had wrapped it in newspaper (I think) and put it in a paper bag. I hadn’t owned it for more than two minutes when I dropped it on the ground, where it shattered into what I could only imagine was a thousand pieces. My friends all said, “Oh no! Your mug!” And I said “Shoot!” I carried te bag around until we got back to out place for the night, and timidly opened it up to survey the damage. Yep, tons of pieces. Thinking it might still be salvageable, I carried the broken mug around in my suitcase for the rest of the trip. Amazingly, I managed to super glue it back together (yes, it WAS like a puzzle) and have been using it for about 20 years now.

Fast forward to last week. DH came home from a trip to Africa, and brought me a beautiful wood carving of a woman wearing her baby on her back in a simple piece of cloth. I loved it! I’m sure you can guess what happened. Today, it fell off of it’s shelf and broke.

I knew it was going to happen, but I couldn’t get my hands under it fast enough. I haven’t had the heart to see if wood glue will fix it. I hope it will! But seriously, I didn’t even have the carving for a week before breaking it. So what did I learn today, I’m unable to keep fragile souvenirs in one piece!


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One thought on “Day 46 – February 15

  1. Hope you are able to fix it.

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