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Day 48 – February 17

I learned a great trick today for cooking asparagus. Actually, it’s not for the actual cooking part, it’s more for the “getting the asparagus ready to cook” part. I really love asparagus, but I hate getting the chewy and tough parts at the bottom. Until today, I had chosen a spot about an inch or two up from the bottom, and chopped, hoping that I got all of the tough part off. That sort of worked, but invariably, I would still end up with some tough sections. Enter, “the snap”. At least, that’s what I’m calling it.

Hold the asparagus stalk with both hands, keeping one hand towards the center and the other towards the bottom. Now bend it until it breaks. It’ll break right where the tough part begins. Really, it works. I was actually dubious, so I saved all of the broken bottom ends and cooked them along with the rest of the asparagus so that I could try them out. Sure enough, every last one ended up being tough and unpleasant. I really thought that some of the pieces would be soft since some stalks had a fairly large chunk break off. Nope, the family happily munched on nice tender asparagus and left the tough ends for me to try. Next time, there won’t be a need to save those ends, I’m fully convinced. I love it when I bump into great cooking tips like this!


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One thought on “Day 48 – February 17

  1. Exactly, that is the way you do it. Bon Appettit

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