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Day 55 – February 24

Remember the Ford Excursion? The giant beast of a vehicle, well-known for it’s abysmal gas mileage? Well, I learned today that it’s actually not as big as everyone makes it out to be.

We test-drove one today, which included schlepping all of the babes’ carseats from our F-150 into the Excursion. It was a little weird for the boys to be so far away in the 3rd row, but they seemed to enjoy it. My first impression was that it sat lower than our F-150 (4-door supercrew), which seemed strange since it’s built on the F-250 chassis. We drove it around for about 20 minutes, and even took it into a parking lot to see how it parked. I did a perfect back-in parking job on the first try, and DH did a perfect head-in parking job on the first try. We were both quite surprised as we expected to have a little trouble parking it since it had the reputaion of being such a beast of a vehicle.

The interior didn’t seem quite as roomy as we thought it would, but I’m pretty sure that’s because we had a whole slew of carseats in there with a few rear-facing (READ: takes up alot of space).

So we got home and DH did some looking around. Come to find out, the Excursion is basically the same length as our F-150 and only about an inch or so wider. So really, I have no idea why everyone says it’s so enormous? Who knows. In any case, if we decide to get an Excursion, driving it won’t be much different than driving our F-150. This is good news.


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2 thoughts on “Day 55 – February 24

  1. How many miles per gallon?

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