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My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 70 – March 1

Wow, I’m so behind on my “daily” blog! lol! So, febrile seizures . . . that was my lesson for today. Fortunately, I didn’t learn about it from experience. But I did discover that they are quite common among young children. I guess I’ve been blessed to have never had to go through this with any of my babes. As I understand it, your body has a particular threshold for brain activity. When it gets too much, you have a seizure. Children have a much lower threshold, and they also have alot more brain activity than do adults. Put those two together, and you end up with febrile seizures. The article I read in “Parents” magazine said that at this point, there hasn’t been any conclusive research on why the seizures happen with fevers, which then means that you really can’t do anything to stop them. You can, however, do several things to minimize injury during a seizure.

1) Remove any tight clothing or necklaces, etc from their necks.
2) Lay them on a flat surface on their side. This will reduce the likelihood of choking on their saliva.
3) Make sure there isn’t anything close by that they could crash into.
4) Just stand by and wait it out. (This is probably the hardest one.)

So if your child ever has one, know that it’s not a horrible fate, and you can generally just wait it out. But, a call to your doctor wouldn’t hurt!


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