Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 74 – March 5

Used car salesmen have a really bad reputation. Probably because buying a used car is such a crap shoot to begin with. Add to that the oftentimes dishonest practices of the salesmen and voila, bad reputation. Today, we found a used car salesman that was quite nice to deal with. We drove to Springfield to see the car, and I had called him in advance to let him know we’d be coming. It was coldish outside, so he pulled the Excursion into the showroom so that we’d have a comfy place to look over the car. He was really quite laid back and very open about the issues that he knew were present in the car. When it came time to do the trade in, he basically asked up how much we were hoping to get for our truck and then worked it from there. We got a little less than we were looking for, but enough that we were willing to take the deal. (You can see my post on Day 76 to read my follow up thoughts. But they really have nothing to do with the salesman!)

If I had to buy another used car, I’d definitely go back to Maxum Motors in Springfield, IL. Shane is really great to work with and there are no hidden fees or anything. Everything is on the table . . .refreshing!


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