Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 78 – March 9

I’d been planning on trying a new recipe for beans and rice that I had pinned here. As luck would have it, my cousin posted on FB that she was making rice and peas and was looking for any tips other might have to share. Perfect! (Peas aren’t exactly pinto beans. They are generally chick peas or garbanzo beans . . it sort of varies from one caribbean culture to another.) Since you probably don’t know my cousin, here are some of the tips that were shared.

  • use chicken or vegetable stock to replace some of the water
  • cut up an onion and dump it in to flavor the water and beans
  • use fresh thyme or another herb to flavor the water and beans
  • use bay leaves

So I took the recipe I had pinned and made some modifications, basically implementing the above tips, then adding the rice to the water (as opposed to cooking it separately), and added half a can of coconut milk.  The result was quite yummy, but it did look rather unappealing.  Kind of a mushy, bland-colored concoction.  But the result was pretty good!  I did find that not all of the rice kernels cooked all the way, not sure why.  It could be that I turned the stove down too much after the initial boil.  In any case, it was a good experimentation!


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