Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 83 – March 14

The weather was positively glorious today. Warm, breezy, sunny . . . .absolute perfection. I felt terrible much of the day thanks to my cold, but the weather really helped bolster my spirits. After naptime, the babes and I went out in the backyard to get it ready for the grass seed. Our lawn really doesn’t have grass, it’s more like a giant bed of moss! Really, it’s crazy. We have decided to plant some grass so that the babes will have a non-mossy, and more importantly, a non-muddy place to play this summer. (I’m sure Mrs. Landlady is going to think we planted it as a result of her crazy crazy cries of “you killed my lawn”. In reality, there was nothing there to begin with, but, whatev.

Anyway, so DH bought two bags of high quality shade grass. (There are parts in our lawn that get 3 hours or less of sunshine, on a good day.) He also bought a 25 lb bag of pasture grass seed. We figured that would be pretty hearty, given that pasture grass is made to withstand herds of animals. Plus, it’s MUCH cheaper than the other grass. So imagine out amusement when we learned that pasture grass seed and shade seed have the exact same main ingredient! 50% of the seed is exactly the same between the two! Hmmmm . . .very interesting. The other half is different, but the main ingredient . . .the same. (Yes, I know I’ve said that three times already. It’s just so surprising to me!)

So we planted one full bag of shade seed and about 2/3 of the pasture grass seed in the back. We’ll probably hit the front yard next week. I’m very curious to see which grass does better, or if they are the same. If they do end up faring the same, then I’ll be convinced that shade grass seed is a scam! Stay tuned for an update!


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