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Day 89 – March 20

The JoAnn’s in our area is closing their store in one location and moving to another location about a mile away. I discovered that apparently, it’s more advantageous to them to sell everything in the old store rather than just moving it over. So today, we hit the store and found that:

  • most fabrics were 50% off
  • you could buy everything in the store, including the fixtures, display cases and the stands where they keep the fabric.
  • apparently, lots of people actually want things like pattern drawers and giant cutting tables . .  .who knew!  (There were plenty of “sold to x” signs around the store.
  • patterns were MEGA cheap . . . 4 for $1!  (Except for Simplicity, which was $1.99)  I’m not usually big on buying patterns, I just do my own or find tutes online.  But at this price, the babes and I were searching through the drawers to see what goodies we could find!

Because of the huge sales, the selection was limited, but that wasn’t stopping people.  I saw a lady going out carrying two giant bags full of fabric, followed by one of the salespeople who was carrying another 4-5!

I wonder how long the sales will go, and if they’ll reduce things even further.  The new store opens in about 3 weeks, so I”m going to keep my eye on the old store and swoop in for a quick look see in the last week or so to see what goodies I can find.


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2 thoughts on “Day 89 – March 20

  1. Oh I know, you will be threre. Good luck.

  2. oops! there.

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