Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 91 – March 22

Bedtime has been totally nuts around our house for a good year now.  It seems like we can’t get the babes in bed at the time we want, and it’s always a war with the preschoolers.  Before we know it, it’s 9pm and the toddler has barely fallen asleep and the preschoolers are still wide awake.  As you can imagine, this leaves us, the parents with remarkably little down time.

Today, we hit upon a solution, I think. We had tried to take them on a pre-bedtime walk a few nights before. The toddler would be in a carrier, and the preschoolers would be in the double stroller. Unfortunately, this didn’t work since they stroller riders would talk to eat other and be crazy, and the toddler would be looking around at everything and commenting on it. So we’d spend 30 minutes out and about, and gain nothing from the experience. Such was not the case this evening. The toddler hadn’t napped, so he REALLY needed to be asleep, now. He stayed home with DH, who popped him in a carrier. He fell asleep almost instantly. I took the preschoolers and popped them in the stroller with blankets, and I reclined the seats almost all the way down. That way, it would be MUCH harder for them to talk to each other. I walked for about 15-20 minutes. When we arrived home, I quietly led them into the house, to their rooms and tucked them in bed. We didn’t hear a peep from them until the following morning.

Since I’m writing this blog post late, I can say that it’s working for Day 92 as well. So I think I’m confident in saying that we have a new plan! Huzzah!


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