Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 92 – March 23

Grass grows fast, especially when presented with sunshine and water. Until today, I had no idea just how fast grass could grow. We have an extremely shaded lot, which means the lawn is disgusting and muddy and mossy. Last fall we planted a bunch of grass, and about 2/5 of what we planted grew quite nicely (and is coming back beautifully this Spring). Since the weather warmed up early this year, we thought it would be wise to toss out some more grass seed in hopes of creating a nice, non-muddy and demossed place for the babes to play. We’ve been watering every morning for about a week now. Some of the spots had little bits of grass growing, but the one spot we REALLY wanted to have grass had nothing as of yesterday. I was feeling disappointed, thinking we were wasting water and money. Imagine my surprise when I went out this morning and saw all manner of grass! And it was probably 2.5 inches tall! I’m certain there was nothing there yesterday, not even the tiniest beginning. I got down and looked very carefully . . . it was just dirt. So in one day, the grass popped up 2.5 inches! I was shocked . . . pleased, but shocked. I’ll be curious to see if the growth rate continues to be that much. I’m guessing no, otherwise we’d have grass that was a foot tall by the middle of next week! Anyway, so it would seem that grass grows almost right before your very eyes, at least when it’s in the seedling stage.


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