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Day 95 – March 26

I was quite surprised to learn that the babes do remarkably well with a babysitter. DH and I really aren’t into having other people take care of our kids. Partly because we don’t trust anyone else, and partly because we want to be the ones doing the raising. We have had one non-family person stay with them a few times, but they were sleeping, so that doesn’t really count. Today, I had to play the piano for a musical rehearsal, and it was during the time when DH would be working. We had originally thought about having the babes stay home with him, but then the director suggested that she might be able to find a few 8th grade girls to watch over the kids. We decided that it would be good to have the babes start getting more used to being around other people, and not just us, so we decided to give it a try. I was there the whole time, but I was involved in the rehearsal, so not really watching the babes too much. DH was also there, just hanging out in the corner. Initially, he sort of shadowed the babes, but once he figured out that they were all fine (even the toddler who is VERY attached to me), he let them be.

It was good for all the people involved. Good for us to see that the babes did just fine. Good for the babes to get used to other people. Good for the 8th grade girls to get some experience. Everyone had fun and they are all looking forward to another fun-filled 2 hours tomorrow afternoon. One giant leap for the parents!

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One thought on “Day 95 – March 26

  1. I am glad it is working for all of you.

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