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Day 98 – March 29

A few years back, we bought some cabinet locks that were ostensibly supposed to keep the babes out of kitchen cabinets. We discovered that they were useless because DS1 could still open the cabinets my yanking on them really hard. We’ve kept them and are still using them because DS2 has yet to figure that trick out. But, today I discovered that those locks have been recalled because “young children can disengage the cabinet locks.” These are the locks that are recalled.

So I’m going to call the company to get a replacement. I have to say that recall information is not really easy to bump into. If I wouldn’t have been on the CPSC listserve, I would never have seen the email (about a totally different issue), and I wouldn’t have seen the link to the CPSC’s blog, which is where I found the recall information. You’d think this info would be more readily available. Apparently, such is not the case!

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2 thoughts on “Day 98 – March 29

  1. I am so glad that you were able to find that link, and also that your babes had not been injured by there malfunction . Hope you can get a replacement.

  2. Lita on said:

    Hope you have gotten your replacement. Love you.

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