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Day 102 – April 2

Today, I decided to learn how to do tailor’s tacks. “But wait!” you say, “Didn’t you already learn how to do them?” Well, not really, as I later discovered that I had taught myself incorrectly. Anyway, I was cutting out a pattern and was dreading having to transfer all the markings with tracing paper. So I grabbed one of my sewing books and really learned how to do the tailor’s tacks. It’s not particularly easy to explain in just words, so here is a good youtube vid. The audio isn’t all that great, but the video is good. She shows two different ways to do them. The first way is a bit more stable, but the second way is a bit quicker.

From Fashionsewingblog‘s youtube channel:


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One thought on “Day 102 – April 2

  1. Lita on said:

    I love this fashion sewing blog! Thank you for sharing.

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