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Day 105 – April 5

I’ve been carrying my babes in baby carriers for almost 5 years now. I’m pretty sure I’ve used every carrier known to man, or at least the ones I’ve been able to figure out how to make. As much as I like ring slings, meitais and soft structured carriers, wraps are my one true love. I have lots of wraps. Okay, not really that many. I know some people that have 30-40, I have about 10. But if you aren’t someone who uses baby carriers, that probably seems excessive, right? =)

Anyway, so today I discovered that I’m really not interested in the longer wraps (anything over 4.6 meters). This was a surprising revelation since my first wraps (stretchy wraps, similar to the Moby wrap) were long, probably 5 yards (4.6m). Maybe I’m getting to be an expert wrapper, so I can eek out carries with much shorter wraps. (This is quite likely). But more likely reason is that I’ve discovered modifications to carries that normally require longer wraps such that I can do them with a much shorter wrap.

We’ll see how this goes. Right now, I’m trying to sell my 5m Vatanai because I just never reach for it. I’m thinking my longest wrap will be 4.2m. Actually, I have a DIY that is probably 4.6m or more, but it wraps funny, so I don’t use it very often. I just traded my 3.2m Vat Carenero for a size 2 Neobulle Manon Grise. I sort of think that will be too short. But, given my new resolve against very long wraps, I figured I’d give the shortie wraps a try. Plus, the shorties are great for the toddler up and down stage.

So, no more long wraps in my future, for the time being.


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One thought on “Day 105 – April 5

  1. So many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a favorite?

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