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Day 116 – April 16

Generally, in store brands are fairly similar to name brands. At least that has been my experience with Safeway and Meijer brands. Today, that changed. I decided to buy the Meijer brand chocolate powder because it was much cheaper than Nestle’s Nesquick. A quick check of ingredients revealed no glaring differences. Well, clearly something was different. It’s TERRIBLE! Yuck! I haven’t given it to the babes yet, they’ll get to taste it on Sabbath. Likely, they’ll think it’s fine. I think it’s awful. It is nothing at all like Nesquick, and I’m wishing I wouldn’t have spent the money on it. Alas, I’ll know better for next time. I’m also wary to try other Meijer brand items. So, I think I’ll stick to the ones that I know are good and then go with name brand beyond that. The one silver lining, it was only $2.50, so not a giant loss in the grand scheme of things.


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One thought on “Day 116 – April 16

  1. A veces eso pasa, pero la mayoria de las veces creo que los productos de la tienda trabajan bien. Creo que la unica forma es probar una vez, para ver si tal producto es bueno. Good luck!

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