Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 118 – April 18

I learned today that DH and I must be simple parents, as in, we teach our kids to appreciate the simple things and aren’t terribly extravagant in our activities. Going to the park, playing with legos/trains/blocks/etc., reading books, playing make believe . . .these are normal activities.

We were at the park today and it was quite full . . . lots of parents and children. We heard a helicopter flying overhead and it was relatively low, so it was loud. Immediately, all 3 babes looked up trying to find the copter. We spent about 30-45 seconds watching it fly overhead. Partway through, I looked around and noticed that not a single other child or parent was looking up! I was really shocked! It was low, loud and flew directly over the park, it was right overhead, you couldn’t miss it. Maybe everyone else was just engrossed in their playing or conversations. At our house, the toddler will stop what he’s doing and run to the window every time he hears a plane, and the preschoolers do the same thing for trucks.

So, I guess we are the Simpletons . . . . I’m okay with that.


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