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Day 120 – April 20

We’ve had our Bumbleride Indie Twin since July of 2009, and we have used it lots. Mostly it gets used for exercise. After I got it, I walked every weekday until November. We’ve occasionally used it for long outings (zoo, etc), but mostly for exercise and recently we’ve started using it for pre-bed-lets-calm-the-babes-down stroller rides.

I was curious to know what changes had been made between 2009 and now, so I checked out the Bumbleride website. Frankly, it wasn’t particularly informative in that regard. I did, however, discover that my Bumbleride has been recalled. Why did I not know about this? Grr! Anyway, it’s not anything earth shattering, and I’ve filled out the application to get the replacement part. But, just in case you have a Bumbleride, here’s the info you need.

Seeing this recall reminded of the previous recall I blogged about, and I realized I hadn’t filled out the application for a replacement for that part. So, today I killed two birds with one stone.


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One thought on “Day 120 – April 20

  1. Lita on said:

    Hope you are able to get the wheel retrofit kit replacement.

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