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Day 122 – April 22

Apparently, I have high behavior expectations for my children. I think that they should obey when spoken to, be polite and kind to others, and generally be happy children. Oftentimes, I feel like we are failing miserably as they seem to behave like little hellians at times. We just recently started being able to make it through an entire church service without them going bonkers. At home, we feel fairly out of control.

Apparently, my expectations are too high.

Today we went to an open house. It’s a house I’ve admired for years, and when it went up for sale last summer/fall, I was interested as the layout seemed decent. So the 3 babes and I went to check it out. It was past their naptime, so I was thinking that there was potential for disaster. Plus, this particular realtor struck me as someone who would not at all be patient with crazy kids, or kids at all. So, I went in with a bit of trepidation. I thought that the babes behaved okay, not great, but okay. As we were leaving, the realtor bent down and said to my oldest, “You guys did such a nice job and behaved very well. You listen to your mama, she’s a good one!”

Blow me over with a leaf! Then she turned to me and said, “Really, they were very well behaved.”

So, either people expect children to be terrors at all times, or our kids really aren’t that poorly behaved.


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One thought on “Day 122 – April 22

  1. Suzanne on said:

    I know the feeling! I am always getting your kids are so well behaved and I would be like yeah right!!! Then I was out in the “real” world where there were lots of other peoples children screaming and telling there parents what to do, cussing them, and in general causing lots of issues!!! I will now come home to my kids after seeing that and tell them thank you for being such good kids! When they were little it would make me appreciate them even more and I would think if they get compliments when they are acting up what must other children be like? Now that mine are 13 and 16 it cracks me up when they come home thanking us for raising them like we did because the behavior of some of the other students makes them mad and embarrassed!

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