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Catching up from vacation – Part 2 (Day 129-130, April 29-30)

Day 129 – April 29
Did you know that planes don’t have a reverse? I didn’t either, until today. Let me back up. A few days ago, when we were heading to our vacay destination, I was sitting in the airport with the babes. We happened to be sitting near a window where we could see lots of planes getting ready to taxi down to the runway. My oldest noticed that when the planes backed up, there were these little golf-cart looking things hooked up to the front. He kept asking why they were there. Of course, I had no idea.

Fast forward to today. We were eating breakfast at a restaurant (that served terrible food, I’m sad I wasted my money) and we were seated right next to the window, meaning we got to see the planes preparing for take-off. My oldest again asked about those little golf-cart looking things. “Why is that thing always hooked up to the plane when it backs up?”

Again, I said “I have no idea.” But this time, roughly at the same time as I responded, a guy in a uniform passed by the table and he says, “Because planes don’t have reverse.”, and he had a big grin on his face. I have no idea who he was or what his role was at the airport, but his explanation made total sense. I mean, it seems like it would be MUCH easier to build a plane without the reverse function.

So, that was a fun thing to have learned today.

Day 130 – April 30
Today I was on a quest for new shoes. After our vacay, I realized that I didn’t have any shoes that were comfortable for wearing all-day. I asked around, and got some suggestions, and so I went off to the shoe store in search of Merrells, Keens, Vivos and Chacos. I was sort of intrigued by the idea of the barefoot shoes. Something like these Merrells or these by Keen.
What I discovered is that these shoes aren’t made for people with wide feet. I have short little feet that are as wide as the day is long. I must’ve tried on 5-8 pairs of shoes, and they either squished my feet or I couldn’t even get my foot in. I was really disappointed that none of the mary jane styles that I tried worked, and that the only styles that seemed to fit comfortably were these clunky at not at all feminine-looking Keens. I was afraid I’d have to settle for clunky shoes, until I stumbled upon the Vibram five finger shoes. They look creepy, at least I think they do. I’ve always thought that toe socks were creepy looking, and these shoes are no different. But, I did find a pair that I really liked the look of and really liked the fit. In fact, I liked them so much that I convinced DH to try out the five finger shoes for himself.

These shoes are great for people with wide feet as well as those that have skinny feet because they fit your foot like a glove. It did take a bit of learning to figure out how to get my toes into their individual little pockets, but so far, I am loving them. This is the pair I ended up getting. I thought it looked a little dressier, so I can get away with wearing them with skirts. We’ll see how they hold up to chasing the babes around this summer, but I have high hopes!


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2 thoughts on “Catching up from vacation – Part 2 (Day 129-130, April 29-30)

  1. Lita on said:

    Wow! I have forgotten about the Five Finger Shoe. I remember when I was visiting Eddie, one of her neighbors came to visit and they had bought some and they said they were very comfortable. I am glad you like them. So what size do we get? is it different from your regular shoe size? I was reading on their blog how to choose your size and they said that you put a ruler against the wall and step on it, and what ever shoes that is your size, if you are in between get a larger size: I did that and is showing 8.5 what? I am usually size 5 . Doesn’t make sense. Have a gr8 day!

  2. Lita on said:

    oops! whatever show.

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