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More catching up (Day 131-134 — May 1-4)

Maybe I should just move to weekly posts, as this daily thing doesn’t seem to be working out very well! Then again, I’d have to remember what happened a week ago, and I can barely remember what happened today!

Day 131 – May 1
Two bits of knowledge passed by me today.

1) The attachments for the Kitchen Aid stand mixers have jinxed my mixer. It was working fine, until I started using the attachments that hook into the auxiliary port. Shortly after getting the attachment, my mixer started sounding funny, and then this happened.

That was two months ago. On Tuesday, the babes and I were grinding bread crumbs for a recipe and we suddenly heard the machine slow down and then a sound like knives in a blender. The 4yo says, “Mommy! TURN IT OFF!!!” Yeah, the replacement mixer bit the dust! So I got back on the phone with the Kitchen Aid warranty people, and managed to get another mixer sent to me. So basically I’ve decided that the attachments are bad luck. So I”m going to sell them to someone who will have better luck and then just buy a food processor!

2) I also learned that tornado sirens are sounded for two reasons: a) there’s a strong possibility that a tornado could occur or b) a tornado has actually been sighted on the ground. Apparently, whoever made the sirens did a good job in that it scared the heck out of the preschoolers today. Now, they’ve heard it often, as in, the first Tuesday of every month at 10am, so it’s not like it was a new sound. But I”m getting ahead of myself.

While I was on the phone with the Kitchen Aid people, I had to excuse myself to remove the toddler from mischief. As I was wiping his mouth, I heard the siren go off. I thought, “Yes, it’s Tuesday. Yes, it’s the first Tuesday. Wait, it’s afternoon, not 10am! Crap! We have to get in the crawl space!” I was totally caught off guard as the weather didn’t at all seem like there was any danger of a tornado. I had to quickly get off of the phone with the Kitchen Aid rep. and then sent the preschoolers to look for their dad. Long story short, they couldn’t find him and the 4yo was totally and utterly frantic. I haven’t seen him like that for a VERY long time! At some point in the mayhem, DH came wandering out of the bedroom, apparently he’d been napping. We managed to get into the crawl space with our computers, external hard drive and blankets. I look over and see the 3.5 year old shivering. I”m not sure if she was cold, scared out of her mind, or both. I wrapped her up in a blanket and made sure the boys were settled. The 3.5 year old didn’t say a word for like 10 minutes. I think she was so freaked out that she just couldn’t say anything. Poor thing!

So, apparently the sirens did their job, they scared everyone in our family into the crawl space. Everyone, that is, except for the toddler, who just thought it was a fun adventure (and managed to fall almost completely into the sump pump hole. Sheesh!) Anyway, the tornado turned out to be quite small, but very real. It was about 5-10 miles south of us, so all was well. Phew! What a day

Day 134 – May 4

I made Huevos Rancheros today. I’ve actually never had them. . . I know, I’m a terrible Mexican! Actually, I’m not sure that this particular recipe is how you would made authentic Huevos Rancheros, but I thought I would try it out. You know me, I can’t be bothered to follow a recipe to the letter, so I made a few changes:
-added black beans
-added some spices (oregano, more cumin)
-omitted the lettuce
-added leeks
-completely cooked the eggs (runny egg yolks and I aren’t friends!)

I’m not sure that it was a hit. Then again, lunch was VERY late, and the babes were grouchy. I think DH liked it well enough, and I thought it was pretty good. Frying the tortillas made them hard, so that was no good. Fresh tortillas would have been MUCH better. Sadly, I”m not at the house my grandparents used to live in where you could go down the street and buy a stack of fresh corn tortillas. Anyway, I think I’ll try this recipe again, maybe cooking the eggs differently, changing the spices, trying it with lettuce. It has potential. I can’t say that it came together very quickly, but I imagine that will change with practice.


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