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My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 146 – May 16

Today was chock full of new things! I suppose that’s a nice change from the past few weeks.

First, I was looking at a new recipe, and it said to “chiffonade the basil.” Uh, what? I’ve been cooking for a long time, and I’d never heard that term before. Enter trusty wikipedia and I learned that it’s a way of preparing herbs. Basically, you gather the leaves, roll them up, and then slice. What you end up with are long, skinny pieces of the herb.

The second and third lessons are related, at least I learned them at roughly the same time. I had made a halter top, but the weather was a bit too chilly for just a halter top. So, I decided to make a cropped cardigan, or something similar. The problem was that I couldn’t find a quick and easy tute. I was looking for something that I could whip up in about half an hour. I happened upon the idea of a shrug. Happily, I have a shrug made by my late maternal grandmother, so I used that as a pattern. I chopped up an old t-shirt, and voila, shrug. It took me 10 minutes! I plan on doing a quick mini-tute on my other blog, because seriously, it’s soooo easy!

Anyway, I couldn’t just leave it plain, so I got the idea to add a bit of lace. I remembered I had this attachment called an edge stitcher and decided to try and learn how to use it. It took me a few false starts, but once I got going, wow was it easy to add lace to the bottom edge of the shrug! A Sewing Shoppe has lots of vintage attachments for sale and she has a good description of the edge stitcher and how to use it.

So you see, this was a day full of new knowledge!


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One thought on “Day 146 – May 16

  1. Lita on said:

    It is awesome you are learning all kind of things. Love you.

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