Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 153 – May 23

For today’s new recipe, I tried out tofu tacos. I found the recipe at apronstringsblog.com and the basic idea is that you take tofu, freeze it, doctor it up, bake it, and then use it in a taco like you’d use ground beef. I pinned the months ago, but didn’t think I had tried it before. After making it today and realizing how salty the tofu turned out, it seemed to me that I remembered thinking “Wow, this is salty!” at some point in not-so-distant past. But since neither DH nor I had a clear recollection of whether or not we’d eaten it before, I decided to assume it was new to me today.

In any case, aside from being waaaayyy too salty, the tofu turned out pretty good, definitely something I’ll be trying again. I think I’ll add some different seasonings and I’ll definitely use less soy sauce. I also discovered that for a family of 5 (even if 3 of those people are under the age of 6), you really need two packages of tofu in order to have enough for a meal.

Some of the comments after the recipe claimed that this would give beef a run for it’s money. I can’t say that it tasted anything at all like beef. The texture wasn’t beef-like, the flavor wasn’t beef-like, and there definitely wasn’t a beef-like amount of grease. But, given that it started out as a block of tofu, the results looked somewhat beef-like. Although, I’m not sure that really matters in the grand scheme of things. I’ve been a pseudo vegetarian all of my life, and I’ve never understood the need to call things fake chicken/beef/etc. Why not just call it soy protein and be done with it? But, I digress. Bottom line, a good recipe. A bit labor intensive, but good, none-the-less.


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