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Flying solo (Days 157-162 : May 27-June 1)

I’ve been doing the “hubby is off on a trip and I’m on my own with the 3 littles for a week or more” thing for awhile. I’m still terrible at it and find that I have almost zero time to do pretty much anything for myself . . . that includes blogging. This week was no exception, so I just kept track of what I learned. Now that DH is back, I have a wee bit of time.

May 27 – The babes and I had lunch at Taco Bell today. As we were eating, a train went by. All three of the littles are enthralled with trains, so they watched it go by with piqued interest. As we are watching, DS1 says to me, “That other train track next to the other one is siding.” Hmmmm . . .. time to interpret what he actually means. I figured he meant to say “next to”, so I corrected him. He kept insisting that he was correct. I asked for more explanation and he said that when one track is next to another, it’s called siding. He was so sure of himself I figured I’d ask where he had heard that. “In my ‘Piggyback’ book.” Well, there you go, schooled by my 5 year old! Really though, he’s reading quite well, so he’s always telling me little tidbits that he has read in his book. So I get to learn all sorts of new things from him. It’s lovely to be able to learn something from your child.

May 28 – I tried a new dessert recipe today from my pinterest desserts board: creamcheese pound cake. It sounded amazing and seemed easy enough to bake. I’ll just cut to the chase and say that I was sorely disappointed. Given the amount of sugar, butter and cream cheese that was in the cake, it should have been completely irresistible. Not so much, unfortunately. Strangely, it wasn’t particularly sweet, and it lacked in flavor. I made a strawberry coulis, (also pinned) which was delicious and was the one thing that saved the cake. So, I’ll be chucking the pound cake recipe and keeping the coulis recipe. It’s probably just as well, though. I can’t say that the pound cake was particularly healthy!

May 29 – Today we were scheduled to go to the park in the afternoon. DS1 has a hat, but it’s a baseball cap, and it just looks funny on him with his long hair. So I decided to break down and make him a bucket hat. I figured it would be an easy enough project to finish in about an hour. A) I was wrong about how long it would take. B) The pattern sizing was off. I used this good-looking pattern from Oliver and S. The directions were great, it was not too tricky to make, but it was MUCH too small. I made the largest size, which was supposed to fit a 5-8 yo (if I recall correctly). It was the same size as my toddler’s bucket hat! And, it ended up looking rather girly, so it was pretty much a bust all the way around! I wondering if maybe the pattern didn’t print off at the correct scale? In any case, we ended up being late to the playdate, and DS1 had no hat. Big. giant. fail.

May 31 – I’m not the worlds fastest seamstress. In fact, I’m pretty darn slow. I always say, “Oh, I should be able to get this done in 30 minutes.” It never works out that way. . . . until today. As I was getting the sack lunch ready for our park playdate, I realized I only had one sandwhich wrap thing. This was a problem, since I have three children. So I got the bee in my bonnet to make two more. Off we zoomed to my sewing room. The older two entertained themselves by cutting fabric, and the toddler played with spools and whatever else he could find. 15 minutes later, I had two, fully-functional sandwhich wrap thingies. So, I learned that I actually CAN sew quickly, especially when the projects are easy. My problem is that I rarely make the same thing twice, and I’m always trying to do new things. Neither or those make for a very speedy sewing experience! I think I should make quick and easy things more often!

ETA: I’ve been meaning to take pics of the sandwhich thingies all weekend. It’s obviously not happening any time soon, so I’ll just post this without pics=)


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