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Day 204 – July 13

Breakfast around here consists of some type of cereal. We like to push oatmeal, since it’s healthy, filling and customizable (each babe can have whatever combination of spices, etc.) It seems like I’ve been getting lots of ideas from Pinterest lately, and today was no exception. I saw and pinned a recipe for refrigerator oatmeal. (For some reason, clicking on the link always prompts Pinterest to claim that it will send you to spam. Totally not true. :shrug:) The idea is you combine all of the ingredients, then stick it in the fridge overnight and then you have a breakfast all ready to go in the morning. This is very appealing to me as I find it difficult to squeeze breakfast in while getting breakfast for the babes and doing the other morning routine stuff. So, I gave it a shot, once I figured out where to buy chia seeds. (Thank you Common Ground food co-op!)

The two flavors I tried were mocha and raspberry vanilla. I didn’t particularly care for the coffee flavor, but I think that’s because I bought cheap coffee, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I may try a different brand of coffee to see if I like it better. The raspberry vanilla was quite good . . .. I made some more for breakfast on Sunday. I will say that the serving sizes are small, IMO. I was starving by the time lunchtime came around today. So for Sunday’s batch, I doubled it, which seems more in line with how much I would normally eat. If it goes well, I may start doing this for the babes. It would make breakfast soooo much easier! They always complain that the oatmeal is too hot, so this would be perfect. I could whip up a bunch of different flavors and have them hanging out in the fridge. When breakfast time rolled around, the babes could just choose a jar and dig in!

If you are an oatmeal person, you should totally try this. Easy, yummy and quite healthy. Win-win-win!!


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One thought on “Day 204 – July 13

  1. I’ve seen that on pinterest. I will have to give it a try!

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