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Day 205 – July 14

Sabbath morning breakfast is often times something special, like pancakes. I hadn’t made pancakes in a long time, so I thought I would try out a new recipe this morning. I made Banana bread pancakes with cream cheese cinnamon syrup. (Pinned on my breakfast board, original recipe on the blog cooking classy.)

I only had one banana, but frankly, that was more than enough. Another banana would have made it waaayyyy too banana-y for me. The pancake batter was a really nice consistency . .. . not mega thick, but not so runny that the cakes would run together in the skillet. They cooked up nicely and were pretty tasty. The cream cheese syrup was insanely good by itself. But, coupled with the banana bread pancakes, it was just too, too sweet. The babes, I’m sure, would disagree with my assessment, as they kept asking for more and more pancakes! I think I’ll keep the two recipes around, I just won’t use them at the same time. I think the syrup would be delish on cinnamon rolls, or chocolate-filled croissants. The banana panckes would probably have been even yummier with peanut butter on them. I’ll definitely be trying these both out again!


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