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Day 206 – July 15

Pina colada, the non-alcoholic version, is one of my favorite drinks. So naturally, I was pretty pleased to find this Paula Deen recipe for a pina colada smoothie. Pineapples are usually pretty expensive, but they were on sale at Aldi’s last week, so I picked one up, along with a can of coconut milk. After working up a sweat raking leaves in the yard (yes, you read that right . . . our trees are ridiculous and shed leaves pretty much all year!), the babes and I came in and whipped up a giant pitcher of these.

The recipe says it makes 2 servings. I doubled the recipe and I ended up with about 8 servings. We all thought it was quite good. My personal preference would be to add more pineapple and reduce the amount of banana and coconut. I think our pineapple wasn’t super ripe, so that probably cut down on the sweetness, which is why I needed to use more. We also tried it over shaved ice . . . also very yummy. Due to the expense of pineapples and coconut milk, I probably won’t be making this often, but it sure is nice for a little treat!


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One thought on “Day 206 – July 15

  1. Lita on said:

    If you ever go to a place that has Costo, stop by and get pineapples. Usually their prices are good!

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