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Day 123 – April 23

So I started this post 3 months ago, and then totally forgot to upload the pics and actually post it! Oops!

We just got back from a little extended weekend outing. I flew solo with the three babes, which was quite the adventure. To make things easier, I thought it would be wise to have a variety of activities for the babes for the plane. I wasn’t particularly interested in lugging all of their stuff around, and their toddler backpacks were too small. Sooo, I decided to make them messenger bags. I found this tute over at ikat bag I made a few modifications. Rather than using webbing for the strap, I made a fabric strap. I wanted to add a zippered pocket, but I didn’t have time. I did, however, manage to add a mesh pocket on the side for their water bottles. They picked out their own fabric, and I think they turned out pretty well. From the first cut to the final stitch, it took me about 4 hours, so not too bad, especially with all of the interruptions.

And, here are a few pics.

And a little mesh holder for their water bottles.


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One thought on “Day 123 – April 23

  1. Lita on said:

    Pretty cool! I am sure the babes love it!

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