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Day 212 & 213 – July 21 & 22

July 21 – Last weekend, the kids went to a birthday party and got party favor bags. I’m usually not a fan or party favors . . .they tend to be low quality toys that get played with for a few hours, and then just junk up my house. This particular bag was pretty good in that it had a little activity book, sunglasses and a giant balloon. The balloon was one of those with the rubberband attached to it so that you can then punch the balloon. I went to blow it up and it was NOT easy. Then, I remembered seeing something on Pinterest on how to blow up balloons. So, we tried it out. Here’s what we did.

Put about 1/4 cup of white vinegar in a bottle.
Dumped a bunch of baking soda into the balloon.
Placed the balloon over the bottle and tipped it over allowing the baking soda to go into the bottle.
This caused a reaction that caused CO2 to flow up into the balloon, thus blowing it up.

The kids thought it was pretty cool. It was. The only drawback was that not all of the baking soda made it into the bottle as it got clumpy. This meant that the balloon didn’t get blown up all the way, so then I got the pleasure of blowing it up and tasting the vinegar/baking soda mix. Blech!

The Pinterest pin claimed that this was a great way to blow balloons up for a party. I’m not so sure that this is more convenient than just blowing up the balloons . . . it’s certainly more time-consuming.

July 22 – Blueberries were on sale at Meijer’s, so we bought a bunch. The babes love to eat them for a snack. Even so, we still had a bunch left over. I had a hankering for some sort of breakfast cake, and I pinned this recipe from The Newfangled Housewife. I liked it because it was quick, somewhat healthy and easy. Our square pan has seen better days . . it’s all rusty and gross on the bottom. My 5 year old wanted to use the snowman baking pan, so we did. They turned out great, everyone loved the bread/bars and made for a yummy breakfast!


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One thought on “Day 212 & 213 – July 21 & 22

  1. Glad the bars turned out good for you!

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