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My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 215 – July 24

Apparently I like to sew bags. I’ve made a bunch of bags this summer, and today I added another to my arsenal. I’ve had this insulated bag from the sew mama sew blog pinned for a few months, but didn’t have time to try and make it until today.

I think this is a project that will be filed under the “it seemed like a good idea at the time” tab. I loved the idea of having an insulated bag for my perishable groceries. We only live like 2 minutes from the grocery store, but sometimes we go to several stores or have several errands to run. This summer has been insanely hot, so this insulated bag was very appealing. The main problem with the bag is that it is ENORMOUS! I mean, huge! My 2yr old can sit in the bag, with room to spare.

If you fill the bag up, it’s very heavy. I had 2 gallons of milk, some cheese and various other diary products in it today. The bag was heavy and cumbersome to carry. When I was making the bag, it occurred to me that it might be heavy, so I added some padding to the straps. The padding was definitely not enough. In addition, the handles were just too narrow to be able to comfortably support the weight. I think the bag would be more useful if it was smaller. It did a great job of keeping things cool, it was just too, too big.

Sewing up the bag was another story. Two layers of insul-brite plus one layer of home dec fabric is alot of fabric to sew through. Quilting that much fabric is also a giant pain! Even using a walking foot didn’t keep the fabric from shifting around. I decided to leave an opening in the outer fabric rather in the quilted layer. The thought of sewing 6 layers closed was rather daunting. Also, after I finished the bag, I realized that the straps would need some major reinforcing in order to support the weight of a filled bag. So I x-boxed the straps. Yeah, I sewed through 8 layers of fabric. Fortunately, my Necchi Supernova is awesome!

Anyway. The bag will definitely get used. But, if I had it to do over again, I’d make it considerably smaller, I’d x-box the straps before the bag was complete, and I’d make the straps much wider with more padding.


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