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Day 216 – July 25

Today I decided to try out a white chocolate mocha recipe. I happened to find some white chocolate chips at Aldi’s, and had all of the other ingredients on hand. Plus, when I was at a conference a few weeks ago, someone highly recommended the Starbucks white chocolate mocha. I was pretty happy to find this recipe for a Starbucks knockoff drink.

I think maybe I shouldn’t have used the cheapy white chocolate chips . . . they didn’t melt all that well. Yes, they melted, but there were definitely little pieces that didn’t melt. I also used cheapy Taster’s Choice coffee. I really need to get some better coffee. But, it was really pretty yummy, despite the problems. Since it was 102 degrees today, hot coffee just wasn’t all that appealing, so I poured the coffee into ice cube trays and froze them. That was a mistake. Once I partly thawed them so that I could whiz them up in the blender, the texture was just weird and it didn’t taste as good.

I’ll likely make this again, I just won’t be freezing it. Maybe I’ll do it iced, but not frozen.


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One thought on “Day 216 – July 25

  1. You should check out this brand Monin. The only ones I’ve seen so far are very large bottles with pumps on them. I’m not sure if they make them in little trial bottles but if they do you should give it a shot. The white mocha is already in liquid form so that makes things a bit easier especially so you won’t have to melt them for iced drinks.

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