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Day 218 – July 27

Project run and play , in conjunction with Simple Simon & Co. is hosting this great project this month called “Skirting the Issue”. The idea is to make a bunch of skirts that will then be donated to girls in foster care. The babes and I have been meaning to whip up a few to send in. .. that hasn’t happened yet. Since the deadline is August 5th, we’ll definitely be working on this next week. Both blogs have been featuring some great skirt tutorials, and I’ve pinned a bunch on my skirting the issue board. One that I pinned was by LiEr, who blogs at Ikat bag. Her blog is full of great tutes, not only for sewing, but cardboard projects, birthday party themes and all sorts of other crafty things. The crafty stuff is fun, but not something I’ll likely ever do. (Heck, I can barely keep up with all of my sewing projects!) I really like her blog for all of the sewing tutes. It’s a nice mix of stuff for kids and stuff for adults.

The tute I worked on today was one she did for the Skirting the Issue project and it’s a wrap around skirts. I’ve always been a fan of wrap-arounds, and I was in need of a long black skirt for a concert tomorrow. I wanted something that would fit now as well as after the baby arrived. A wrap-around seemed like the perfect fit, and this tute made it look pretty easy.

The verdict: well, it would have been easy if I would have done it the was LiEr did it. I didn’t, so it took a bit more work, but it wasn’t difficult by any means. I used a very thin, black gauze-like fabric. I figured one layer would be way too thin, so I decided to go with two layers. The bottom layer is about 8 inches longer the than top layer. Looking through my trim box, this trim jumped out at me and screamed “ME ME ME!” So I used my handy edgestitcher and sewed it on. (Seriously, it’s an amazing attachment!)

Rather than pressing the side hems and sewing them, I used my hemmer foot and hemmed each layer separately. That meant that using the tutes method of attaching the ties would have resulted in a funny look. So I just slipped the tie in between the two layers and stitched it down.

All told, it took me about 3.5 hours, which included copious breaks to deal with the babes. So, really, when we make this skirt for the project, it should go MUCH faster since I won’t be using two layers.

I will say that I’m only so-so pleased with how it turned out. I LOVE how the trim looks, and really like the two layered look. The fit is another story. The side seams aren’t quite where I would want them to be, and I end up having to tie more towards the back. I’m glad I didn’t spend the money to make this out of brocade, I would’ve been upset. The pattern was good and easy to follow, the measurements and placement for the darts didn’t really work for my body, so I’ll be fiddling around with modifying that for the next time.

Here’a a pic of the finished skirt. I tried to take pics of some of the other details. Thanks to my junkola camera and my inability to photograph a black skirt, the pics didn’t turn out.


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