Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

DAy 223 – August 1

I’ve been busily watching the Olympics during prime time this week, which means I’ve been going to bed late.  That would be fine, if the little humans would sleep in.  . . .. They don’t believe in sleeping in.  So going to bed late and getting up early makes for a very tired mama, too tired to be motivated to learn much of anything!  lol

Today I did learn a tiny little thing, but I think it’s going to save us some money!  We had been needing to buy more dishwasher detergent and I kept forgetting.  Of course, we needed to run the dishwasher and had nothing in the house, and I was too lazy to run out to the store to buy more.  I had made some homemade dishwasher detergent before, and it was terrible!  Fortunately, I found another recipe . . ..  it worked like a charm and is going to be my new soap.  It’s super easy:

Fill the cups with baking soda
Add a few drops of dish soap

That’s it! We always have lots of baking soda on hand, and we still do some dishes by hand, so there will always be dish soap laying around, too! Hooray for saving money!


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