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Day 227 – August 5

Today, the babes and I finally finished four skirts that we had been working on for the “Skirting the Issue” project. A project sponsored/run/invented (not sure which word to use here), by the ladies that blog at Simple Simon & Co. and Project Run & Play. When I learned about this project, I thought this would be a great project for me to work on with the babes for several reasons.

1. It would give us a chance to do some simple sewing using their sewing machines.
2. It would provide a great excuse to use up some of my ever-burgeoning fabric stash.
3. Most importantly, it would give me a chance to teach the babes a valuable lesson about doing kind things for others. DS1 was really quite into it. He wanted to make a whole bunch. Since I put it off until the last minute, we had to limit it to four skirts. DD was less excited at first . . .she didn’t think it was as much fun to make stuff for other people. But then she got into it and wanted to make shirts for the girls in foster care as well=)

The project definitely took me much longer to do since I was working with the babes. They have a woefully short attention span. The 5yo would run the hand crank for maybe 10 minutes, and then he’d be done. The 3.5 yo was more hit and miss. Sometimes she was good for 10 minutes, other times she wouldn’t even make it through one seam before getting bored. The 2yo had the longest attention span, strangely. But, sewing with a 2yo is harrowing and an exercise in patience. “Wait, don’t go yet!” “Whoops, you’re turning the crank the wrong way.” “Oh, not so fast!” “No, no! Don’t turn the crank, I’m trying to thread the needle!” In any case, we got the four skirts done over the course of about 3 days, working off and on.

This first skirt was super easy to make. My 5yo DS says this is the his favorite skirt out of the four. We used the ruched skirt tutorial from Begin with B.

I’ve always wanted to make something out of the vintage pillowcases that I have laying around. This project gave me the perfect opportunity. This is also the only skirt that I made on my own from start to finish. Presenting, the paper bag pillowcase skirt. The tutorial is from Jen who blogs at iCandy. Another super easy skirt to make. For some reason, I didn’t have any thick ribbon. So I took a wide piece of bias binding, folded it in half, then sewed the skinny ribbon onto that. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

This next skirt is one I’ve made before. This version was much easier since I only did one layer. The tutorial is here and it’s by LiEr who blogs at Ikat bag.

For the final skirt, I used a tutorial from Lindsay at The Cottage Home. She calls it the double layer twirl skirt. I didn’t use seersucker. Actually, I’m not exactly sure of the fabric content . .. I’m thinking it’s a lightweight polyester.

So now we just need to contact a Foster Care agency here in town. If there isn’t one, we’ll send the skirts to the ladies who put together this wonderful project!


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One thought on “Day 227 – August 5

  1. Summer on said:

    Such a fantastic idea! I’ll put it on my calendar for next year!! Thanks.

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