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Day 228 – August 6

Today was a bread-making day. I didn’t particularly feel like making a regular loaf of bread, so I took a quick peruse through my breads board on Pinterest and found two candidates: whole wheat pretzel bites and bacon and gruyere scones.

First up, the scones (I was hungry and they were quick). The recipe came from the blog A Cozy Kitchen. I don’t eat bacon, so that was the axed from the recipe right away. I pretty much followed the rest of the recipe (shocking, I know!), but I DID add about 2T of chopped jalapeno that I had sitting in the fridge. Scones, in general, are pretty easy to make. This recipe was no exception. They turned out quite good, and the jalapeno gave it just a bit of a kick. I do think they are better after they’ve sat for about an hour or so. Fresh out of the oven was good, but they were even better and hour later.

The pretzel bites took more time since they are traditional bread that needs to rise twice. The recipe from Life Blessons used a bread machine. Since I don’t have one, I just made up the dough the old fashioned way, with my Kitchen Aid mixer. lol I have to say that I was not really impressed with the outcome. My family seemed to like them well enough, but I didn’t think they were all that great. The flavor was lacking and the shape was not at all pretzel bite-ish. Mine turned out a weird shape. They were nice, round balls after the 2nd rising. But when I scooped them up to dump them in the boiling bath, they got all wonky. I think brushing them with butter before baking them would have helped. At the 5 year old’s request, I rolled about half in a cinnamon sugar mix. Eh, just mediocre. Oh well!

Here’s a pic.


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