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Day 259-262 – September 1-4

I’m on a little mini-vacay, but I have a nice little pile of things I’ve been meaning to post about. So I’ll dump them all into one post.

Day 259 – September 1
I learned how to sew welt zippers a few years back. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where the tute is that helped me. But, it was similar to this one from LiEr at Ikatbag. I was pretty happy with the technique, and then I saw LiEr’s post on the “real” way to do welt zippers. I tried it out, and to be honest, I can’t say that I liked it any better. It was more work and the end result was really no different. You can be the judge.

This is the original way that I learned to do zippered pockets.

Here’s the “real” way.

Not much difference, right?

Day 260 – September 2
I decided that I wanted a new computer bag to take on my trip, and also to use for my church job every Sunday. I have a black computer bag, but it’s black and kinda blah. I found this tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew! and liked it quite well. And then I pinned this gorgeous leather bag and decided to incorporate some of the features in my computer.

I made a few changes to the original pattern. I made my bag smaller, since I didn’t need such a large bag. I also added a section of mega padding in the shoulder straps to provide more comfort for my shoulder. The one feature I incorporated from the leather bag was a stiff divider between the computer compartment and the other section. The side closest to the computer is padded and the other side has three pockets for my keys, phone and other miscellany. I used a piece of cardboard to make it nice and stiff.

I’m pretty happy with the bag so far. I have plenty of space for the computer and cord, the little pockets are great, and the front compartment has plenty of room for paperwork or books or whatever. The little welt zipper pocket on the very front is also handy. The only thing I don’t like is the fabric I chose for the bag closure. As much as I love the fabric, I don’t think that color goes very well with the center divider color. Oh well!

Day 261 – September 3
Since I was going to be flying just carry-on, I wanted to make a tiny little purse that I could just stuff into my computer bag, but one that would be big enough to carry the essentials when I wasn’t flying. I pinned this tute for a small clutch, also from the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog. I’ll be honest, the tute had some issues. I’m pretty sure the measurements were off. I ended up with my lining being a different size than the outer part of the bag. I think the problem was that the tute author didn’t list the measurements in the traditional way. I generally see measurements listed as length x height. I think she did hers the other way around, but I’m not really sure. In any case, things were a little bogus. It also seemed like a step or two was missing from the directions. But, overall, I think the bag is a good bag, so I’ll be making more in the future.

I made a few modifications for it to suit my needs a bit better. I added a welt zipper pocket on the outside and added a credit card pocket with two sections for the inside.

Because the lining was narrower than the outer piece, I added a pleat in front and back.
I also had to make the lining shorter.

But, I’m loving the bag, it’s so tiny and stylish, but big enough for what I need. When I make another one, I’ll probably make it a wee bit bigger, but this is working for now.

Day 262 – September 4
Today, we go back to food. I found this recipe for Fiesta Lime Rice on Pinterest and it looked easy to make with the supplies available at my bachelor friend’s house. We substituted quinoa for the rice, but pretty much followed the recipe beyond that. It was soooo yummy! We went heavy on the lime and cilantro, and added a little bit of pepper. I will definitely be making this for my family when I return.

So there you have it! Until next time!


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